Tustin Hair Salons Top 4 Summer Hair Styling Tools

You can spend thousands of dollars trying out different hair products or styling tools over your lifetime. What I have done is review 4 of the key styling necesssities to help you invest in products that will help keep your hair healthy long term. These 4 products are the essentials but if your looking for a reccomendation on a product not seen on this site please call or text me at 714-600-5519 or ask me at your next appointment.

T3 Featherweight Luxe Hair Dryer: $125Tustin Hair Salon Top Blowdryer Pick For Products

Everybody is looking for a good hair dryer that has the 3 P’s.

PORTABLE: Some blowdryers are to large and practically break your arm every time you dry your hair. Not the T3, with light yet durable material this blowdryer is nothing less than salon grade.

POWERFUL: Lets face it you really dont want to spend an hour drying your hair every time you shower, but you dont want to fry your hair either. With the T3 you use safe ionic heat with a powerful fan that has been proven to reduce drying time by 60% in studies.

PRICE: So you bought a blowdryer that promised the world & didnt deliver, or you bought a cheap blowdryer assuming it was just as good as name brands & now you realize the money you saved was not worth it. Either way everybody has bought a beauty product that didnt quite do what we thought it would. The T3 is blowdryer is a great investment & not only comes with the backing of Allure Magazines best beauty supply award but comes with a warranty that guarantees satisfaction.

Find Out More By Clicking Here & Visiting The Official T3 Site

Mason Pearson Hairbrush: $45

Tustin Hair Salon professional grade hair brush

These hand-crafted brushes are made using a combination of boar bristle and nylon tufts. The difference is the ability to get a brush custom to your hair.

Thicker Hair: Use a higher percentage of boar bristle to nylon to make sure that you are getting individual hairs brushed rather than large clumps.

Thinner Hair: Use higher percentage of nylon to boar bristle to make sure that your hair is brushed yet not damaged by tight bristles that can cause thin hear to break.

Find Out More By Clicking Here To Visit The Official Mason Pearson Website

Hot Tools 1 inch CeramicTI Tourmaline Curling Iron: $40

Tustin Hair Salon Top 4 Products review

The Hot Tools curling iron is one of the best curling irons on the market to general public today. Bottom line with any curly style, YOU NEED MOISTURE, the problem is most curling irons fry the moisture right out of your hair.

The Hot Tools curling iron keeps your hair safe by curling while retaining moisture in your hair to leave your curls bouncy & resilient.  This would be the curling iron of choice for my clients who get the Brazilian Blowout & want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. They also include 2 replacement springs & a warranty.

Click Here To Learn More By Visiting Official “Hot Tools” Website


CHI Ceramic Flat Iron: $110

Tustin Hair Salon Endorsed CH1 Hair Straightener

When we are not trying to curl our hair we are trying to straighten it & that means more heat! The key to a good flat iron is the ability to straighten your hair while causing as little damage as possible. The CHI flat iron is proven to reduce damage when used & still produce results. Be careful when purchasing these flat irons though as they are so good there is a huge counterfeit industry for them. The link below is a safe place to buy an authentic CHI flat iron.

Click Here To Learn More By Visiting The Official CHI Website