Brazilian Blowout Testimonials

The Brazilian Blowout treatment has taken the hair styling world by storm, but some people are still skeptical, so here are some video customer testimonials below as well as written testimonials from people who have suffered from frizzy unmanageable hair all their lives & are now thrilled with the Brazilian Blowout treatment.

CUSTOMER: Tony Miller
brazilian blowout orange county, brazilian blowout tustinIt goes without saying that I LOVE The Brazilian Blowout but the maintenance products rock for any kind of hair. The smoothing serum makes any hair tangle free and with tons of sheen. One lady I used it on called to book A Brazilian Blowout after she got home and her husband remarked how shiny her hair was, “He hasn’t commented on my hair in 20 years”. She had the BB and loves it! Another client said it is the only product that outperforms Kerastase.

                     CUSTOMER: Stephanie

 I cannot compliment the bb enough!!! My hair before the blowout was just so awful. After using a flat brazilian blowout, celebrity, hair, cuts, cut, treatmentiron for years, my hair was really damaged and starting to break off in the front. I realized I had to quit using the flat iron and wear my hair wavy, which is a wavy-frizzy. And then I saw the ad in US Weekly and hair life has been wonderful since. I am a huge advocate of this, I wish there was a way more people could know about this!!! Its amazing and I make sure I tell everyone possible and encourage hairstylist to get trained asap! I know this sounds cheesy, but for those of us with frizzy hair know what an impact the bb can have on our hair… its one of the greatest things I have ever been introduced to! Thank you so much to whoever invented the bb, its been a real hair saver, literally!!!