Oily Hair



hair, model, tustin, irvine, hair stylistOily hair is actually nothing more than the result of your bodies natural process. Your scalp & roots has glands which secrete a substance called sebum. Sebum is an oil that keeps hair healthy & smooth, however to much sebum causes oily hair. Oily hair can be a serious problem that clogs roots causing hair loss, dandruff & unmanageable hair. The causes for oily hair are genetics, unhealthy eating habits, medications, hair products, weather changes, hormone fluctuations or longer periods of stress.


hair, cut, salon, style, stylist, salonsWash your hair every other day. Washing your hair will remove excess oil & help your scalp begin to regain its natural balance.

Wash your hair with LUKEWARM or cold water, hot water opens up the poors & stimulates oil glands causing your hair to get oily extra fast.

 Use conditioning products sparingly and ONLY on the last few inches of your hair. conditioners are used to replace natural oils that may have been lost while washing your hair and your scalp has enough of its own oil already so no need to add more.

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Wash your hair early in the day. Sebaceous glands do most of their work at night.

DO NOT USE products containing oil or proteins as they will make your hair more oily.

AVOID: Braiding Your Hair, Tight Head Gear, and Wearing Hats. 


Try to stick to a shampoo you can easily see through, if a shampoo looks milky or creamy it most likely isn’t the best for your oily hair. Special shampoos for greasy hair contain ingredients that slow down the distribution of oil over the hair. 


DO NOT USE a hair brush! Brushing will only distribute the oil from your scalp throughout your hair. Combing gently to remove tangles with a wide tooth comb will work just as well without spreading the oil.

DO NOT USE styling tools that cause a lot of heat. Flat Irons, Blowdryers, Curling Irons will all cause your hair to become oily. The reason is when the heat gets close the scalp it opens up your oil glands & they start producing oil like crazy! If you do need to use one of these tools try to keep it away from your scalp.