Long Hair


Long Hair, How To Keep It Beautiful!

Long hair needs more attention & deserves it too. By the time a hair has reached shoulder-length it has already managed to survive for at least three years. That means the hair has kept growing through at least 300 shampoos & drying procedures

This is true for all long hair: From the scalp toward the end hair becomes increasingly more prone to damage. Whoever sports a long mane dreads ‘split ends’. Unfortunately, there is only one remedy once long hair has split into two or more fibres. It must be cut. You can avoid this by using split end repair products & by checking the health of your hair regularly. This gives you time & opportunity to use the proper hair care products.

Long and short hair needs different kinds of care, which gives rise to yet another challenge. Nothing should weigh down the hair near the scalp but ample conditioning is needed close to the ends of the hair. That is quite a challenge indeed. However, using the proper products will bring good results.1 (1626)

Tips for the Proper Treatment of Long Hair

  • Washing alone will not do for any long hair. You must use a conditioner after every shampoo and a special hair treatment once a week.

    • Comb your hair before washing it. Shampooing then causes fewer tangles & knots.
    • Never gather wet hair in a ponytail. Loosely hanging hair dries faster. In addition, wet hair is especially sensitive to ‘mistreatment’. Even a simple scrunchy (rubber hair tie) will cause damage.
    • Never rub your hair when towelling it dry. Instead, press a towel against the top of your hair and push it slowly toward the tips of your hair. This absorbs the water and maintains a smooth dandruff layer.
    • Metal barrettes (hair slides) or rubber rings without fabric cover are an absolute no-no. Over time, they will destroy the dandruff layer and lead to brittle hair or breakage.
    • Let your hair down at home: Be gentle with your hair by avoiding hairdos like ponytails, pigtails or braids. Wear an Alice band (avoid hair bands made of plastic) if you don’t like your hair hanging in your face.
    • Allow your hair to air-dry as often as possible.
    • Whenever possible, select the cold settings when using a blow dryer. If you do have to use hot air keep a distance of at least 6″ between your scalp & the blow dryer nozzle.
    • Brushing with natural bristles produces the most beautiful lustre. Brushes with the most natural bristles per square inch produce the most beautiful lustre.