Curly Hair


Unlike most hair types Curly hair tends to be dry & often shows a need of care. Unlike straight hair that lays on the scalp, curls have limited contact with the conditioning sebum your scalp produces that would normally help keep your hair moist. This is why curls love rich nourishment, there is practically no way to over-condition curly hair. The natural looping of the hair also results in a uneven dandruff layer which makes curly hair extra sensitive to damaging influences. 


Choosing the right products for curly hair is a MUST. Shampoos & rinses with natural lipids like Shea butter, Jojoba oil or Macadamia oil ensure that your curls maintain their structure. Your styling products should be especially designed for curly hair. These styling aids give your hair hold & leave your curls springy without drying your hair out or gumming it up. curly hair tustin, tustin salon for curly hair

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When getting out of the shower wrap a towel around your hair & softly press it to remove moisture, Never roughly towel your hair dry. When you dont have time to style your hair use a leave in spray to keep your curls from drying out &  try to make sure once a week, to treat your curly hair to a rich mask. If you follow these steps I promise you will see less bad hair days guaranteed.

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Having the right tools on hand is a MUST for taming wild curls. Suitable tools are large round brushes or large rollers. It is best to apply a leave-in spray cure to make your curls more manageable before styling them. After applying the spray, use the blow-dryer with diffuser attachment to partially dry your hair. Now that your hair is prepped use the round brush or rollers. Allow your hair to completely dry before you carefully style it with a large-toothed comb.


Step #1 The most important thing to make sure you have when straightening your hair is a good flat iron. Investing the money into this will save you from getting split ends, damaged follicles, & overall bad hair days.

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Step #2 Apply a heat protective spray or anti-frizz balm to establish a protective heat shield around your hair. This will keep hair from becoming damaged.tustin hair salon, bumble and bumble, curly hair Katrina Recommends Straight By B&B

Step #3 Be sure to continue to apply enough protective serum to keep your hair protected, despite advances in technology straightening your hair is still very hard on it. So be sure to allow time between straighteinings.