Celebrity Hairstyles You Will LOVE!

I have recently been obsessed with looking at edgy new celebrity hairstyles. A lot of my clients will come in & want the hair style of their favorite celebrity. So I decided to share a couple of popular requests as well as some of my favorite styles & colors.

Rich red copper tones as well as sandy blondes are very popular right now. While traditional highlights & vibrant colors are still a staple an up & coming style is the Ombre look. This look is great for those who like the contrast of dark roots & lighter ends in their style

If you have been thinking of changing your hairstyle NOW is the time to do it, show up to that holiday party or get together with that edgy new style that you have been looking for….

In the fashion world styles are constantly changing but here some recent cellebrities that stepped out on the red carpet with new hair that will look great on everyone.