Black Hair

Black Hair: From Ebony and Black Cherry

There are many shades of black hair. In my expert color consultation we show you all the interesting shades of black hair and how you can achieve them. We also reveal the new colour trends. Black beauties will keep their hair beautiful for a long time with the right kind of care for colour-treated hair. Black, the most elegant colour in the universe, is not for people who change their mind often. Wearing your hair black requires semi-permanent or permanent hair colour and proper root management

As common as it is, black hair has a special appeal. The overwhelming majority of people in this world have black hair. Still, black hair has its own magic and therefore attracts attention. The dark colour conjures up visions of power and energy, transforms kitty cats into tigresses. Regardless the original hair colour, applying permanent deep-black colorants to your hair will colour every single hair deep-black. Mastering the black art requires keeping the hair shiny and free of visible roots. Beware that maintaining the magic allure of black hair requires quite a bit of effort.


#1. You have a light complexion and maybe also blue eyes? Colouring your hair jet black with a blue sheen may turn you into the perfect Snow White look-alike. Beware, dark hair emphasises light complexions. If you decide to colour your hair black despite your fair looks you should always carry along a deep-red lipstick and some rouge to be on the safe side

#2. Black shades with warm accents look a lot more natural than jet black hair for women with darker complexions and brown eyes. Darker-skinned women look perfect with brownish black hair

#3. Wearing black hair can be a finicky choice if your hair is thin or h

as many pronounced cowlicks. The scalp may become visible underneath the black hair and this could detract from your appearance

#4. Beautiful lustre is an indispensable condition for beautiful black or very dark hair. The first time you colour your hair black you should be sure to use a colouring treatment with very potent nourishing ingredients. Macadamia oil for example will give your hair the deep lustre, which is essential for black hair

#5. You need to apply permanent hair colour to switch from light brown or lighter hair to black hair. It is also necessary to colour the roots of your black hair every three to four weeks

#6. We recommend extreme caution when colouring bleached hair black. Bleaching changes the hair structure and this in turn can have unexpected effects on the black colour development. If used on bleached hair the black colour may not at all look as advertised on the package. Your hair may for example show strong red shades. Therefore, we recommend asking your hair stylist to apply the first black colour treatment to your bleached hair. After this first experience, you can colour your hair at home

#7. Well executed intensive tinting with a black colorant can completely cover grey hair. You should consider a few facts before tinting your grey hair black. The deep black colour may not stay in your hair for very long. How fast your hair fades and how fast shampooing will fade the black colour depends on the individual properties of your hair. You may have no choice but to freshen up your black hair colour frequently

#8. Apply rich skin cream to your forehead, temples and ears (!) in case you colour your hair black at home. Otherwise, you may notice dark spots on your skin after colouring your hair

#9. The smoother your hair cuticles, the smoother will be your colouring results. The day before colouring long hair, you should therefore apply an intensive hair cure. Possibly existing rough cuticles in the top portion and at the ends of your hair will then be smooth and ready for the colour application. As a result, the hair colour will develop evenly