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Celebrity Hairstyles You Will LOVE!

I have recently been obsessed with looking at edgy new celebrity hairstyles. A lot of my clients will come in & want the hair style of their favorite celebrity. So I decided to share a couple of popular requests as well as some of my favorite styles & colors. Rich red copper tones as well as …

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5 Ways To Increase Growth And Health Of Your Hair

1. Keep up with trims It is best to trim your hair every 6-8 weeks to keep the split and dry ends off. If you neglect your hair and let it go too long without a haircut the hair will continue to break up the hair shaft making your hair very weak which will eventually …

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Curly vs. Straight Showdown – Why Can’t Curly Ever Win?

I have to admit that I find it hard to relate to my straight-haired counterparts, always upset that their hair is a “nightmare” to deal with. I would give anything to be able to simply wake up with straight healthy hair. When I try to get straighten my hair it either a) takes me forever & damages my …

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Tustin Hair Salons Top 4 Summer Hair Styling Tools

You can spend thousands of dollars trying out different hair products or styling tools over your lifetime. What I have done is review 4 of the key styling necesssities to help you invest in products that will help keep your hair healthy long term. These 4 products are the essentials but if your looking for …

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